Barbeque and Family Fun Day 2013

Saturday 6th July, 2013 at 11 noon to 4pm
Join us for our annual fun day. This year the chaps from BECW will be erecting a ring and creating total wrestle mayhem.

Sir Philip Game Centre

This year our guest of honour will be Dorit Oliver-Wolff. Dorit was a pop singer back in the ’60s who once performed a fundraiser for the club at the Fairfield Halls. What people may not know is that Dorit is a Holocaust survivor. She survived the war in Budapest with her mother — they were on the run for years narrowly evading capture. After the war as a singer she was popular in Germany and was, ironically, a pin up for the German Air Force. You can find out more about her amazing life on her website —

Dorit Oliver-Wolff

What a knockout. Dorit Oliver-Wolff in ring at the Sir Philip Game Club in Croydon.



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